This #BootlegWeek we are telling you all the life hacks you need. So sit back and see how you do-it-yourself and get these edgy styles/items from your current wardrobe;

  1. Crop top

That cute crop top you see on her might not be bought from those chic and expensive looking malls. It just a matter of searching and digging from your haystack and pulling out those old jeggings or stockings.

Grab yourself a pair of scissor and brace yourself to look sexy in the most unfathomed ways. Here is How…

2. Ripped jeans

With the era of ripped jeans,, who wouldn’t want to own one without having to spend a dime? Here is how…

3. Box braids styles

Box braids will always remain a classic. It just depends on how you style them. Grab yourself a mirror, some bundles and a little patience because you are about to be the talk of your friends when you pull out 10 different looks with your box braids. Take a look at the simple steps.

4. Shirt braiding

Stop with the dumping of old t-shirts already! Now you can stop using them as pajamas and turn them into those awesome tops that will have your girlfriends knocking on your door to borrow.

5. Nail polish

Oh yes, you can create your own nail polish. Check out how..

Any other awesome fashion life hacks you can tell us about? Tell us below.