The visuals for Dj Khaled’s Do You Mind hit song off his latest album Major Key is out people!The video which features acts like the bootilicious Nicki Minaj, bad boy Chris Brown, rising New Orleans crooner August Alsina, Chicago chart mainstay Jeremih and the boss, Rick Ross. If you thought the single was good, you should check out the video!

It basically starts out with Khaled engaged in an argument with his woman as it gets into Nicki’s verse over a slow tempo looking all sorts of gorgeous. The artists’ styling on the video blends perfectly with the clean visuals and luxurious lifestyle captured.

Chris Brown and August Alsina look different in their new hairdos, something to get the ladies buzzing. There’s no shortage of well endowed women for loyal members of the “sacco”(you know what I’m talking about) to ogle at.

Over all, the video has a nice feel to it and complements the song. And of course Dj Khaled doesnt let us off without one of his famous outros at the end of the jam. He has a new name in the streets, they call him “Billy”!