Brangelina Divorce! Why You Care So Much


Love comes and goes but only the strong survive. Hollywood seems to be going through some major breakups this year and hasn’t spared Brangelina!

Being one of the most powerful couples,they are now splitting for good.According to TMZ and Vogue Magazine,they have irreconcilable differences.

Having being married for two years and being together for the past twelve years,Angelina filed for divorce yesterday taking full custody of her six children and wanted no spousal support from him just for the family’s health.

She also said that Brad Pitt has anger management issues and poor parenting skills but will grant him visitation.She went ahead to claim that Brad was having a secret affair with French Actress Marion Cortillard as was confirmed by the spy she sent to London during a movie shoot.

Laura Wasser is the lawyer who is filing this case whom has also represented other celebrities like Ashton Kutcher,Jennifer Garner,Johnny Depp and Ryan Reynolds.

The public made memes of Jennifer Aniston’s reaction to this matter which were quite hilarious.The couple have asked for privacy during this trying Time as Brad has put them through alot of hurt and emotional turmoil.

The Brangelina brood

But Why do you feel so sad?

According to media psychologist Karen Dill-Shackleford, for audiences, celebrities are a lot like fictional characters: We receive them through media, and form conceptions of their personalities without ever meeting them. People form imaginary (and meaningful) relationships with celebrities, along the same lines as fictional characters.


Celebrities shape how young people conceive of relationships and their individual sense of self, research indicates, and a 2006 study found that 75 percent of young adults said they had “strong attachments” to two or more celebs. In their 79-person sample, the admirer-idol relationship was frequently marked by youths feeling like they shared the same values as their icons, feeling inspired by their work ethics, and being led to “undertake a variety of pursuits such as creative writing, becoming a vegetarian, or smoking marijuana.”

In a way, Jolie and Pitt represent an old guard of celebrity, the kind that didn’t skewerrivals by way of a Snapchat story. With the advent of the reality star, the boundary between the icon and the admirer is getting muddier.

Which means if Kim and Kanye ever break up, all hell will break loose!!!

Do you agree? Were you saddened by their split? Share your opinion below.