Heavy gunfire has been reported inside Moi University Garissa after an attack by masked gunmen presumed to be Alshabaab.

Masked gunmen are said to have attacked the institution around 5.30am Thursday as they were going to pray  and are holding students hostage. Police said, as ongoing gunfire could be heard from the university premises.

Witnesses said explosion and heavy gunfire rocked Garissa University College early on Thursday, and ambulances were already at the scene. a local reporter was quoted saying;

“According to some of the students, who escaped, there are around five gunmen and they entered the university dormitory while students were sleeping,”

A press release from the university says the attackers shot indiscriminately while inside the security compound. Police officers who were in the school responded and begun a shoot out. This led to the attackers moving into the hostels.

Kenya Red Cross officials say two policemen and a student have been injured by the attackers and have been rushed to hospital.

It is quite surprising to note that the university was warned before hand however nothing was done.

alshabaab threats

However, all Kenyans are urged to keep calm as policemen will handle the situation.