Breaking the norm of Intersex in Kenya

It has always been something that many talk in low tone. As census days keeps zeroing down, for the first time the government has allowed the counting of intersex people in the society. A move that has been debatable for quite sometime.

As the government plans to have data for the intersex people, it’s now hopeful that they will cater for their issues. A major issues that keep affecting them is rejection by both family and society at large. This pain of rejection are implicated by intersex people in every walk of their life.

Majority of intersex people have also faced the challenges of being molested especially in schools. Having children who are intersex are also viewed traditionally as accursed and the families may neglect their children.

A condition where a child has both sexual organs is now coming to term with many. As awareness program is being orchestrated, many parents will break the norm and raise their children as they plan on ways they can identify which hormone is stronger than the other.

The condition also denies the intersex people normal life as they cannot marry people who are grouped as normal. The government should also facilitate medical help for those who can be helped with treatment once they have discovered which hormone is stronger than the other.

Kenya will be making history to be the first country in Africa to count intersex and also facilitate their planning. This will hope for the intersex in Kenya, a move that will be replicated by other countries.

What’s your view on intersex in Kenya?

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