1. Poultry Farming

Ukulima si ushamba. Many people are making a lot of money from farming. As food is a
necessity, it is a business that is bound to flourish. Poultry farming has become common among young people and the internet can help you create buzz about your business. It can be involving but rewarding as well. You would need to rent space or use your backyard if you have one, build a coup conducive for the chicks, food and a lot of research. The Daily Nation has a segment
called “Seeds of Gold” where you can get insightful information on animal farming.

2. Being a broker/middle person

This doesn’t need much capital to begin. If you are keen, there a shops that provide goods at a wholesale price in Nairobi. Buying those goos and selling them at your own prices may earn you a lot of profit. From household items, to braids, accessories, stationery and even snacks. Be sure to identify a stable target market. Women are generally good buyers.

3. Hobbies and custom made products

Hobbies such as craftwork, beadwork and even skating make for good business ideas. Many
university students are making a killing from turning their hobbies in to a business. Good
examoles are the skating business at Aga Khan walk in Nairobi where skates are hired out to
children for skating, bead work by Jane and Jewels (instagram), House of Rasta which sells
wooven scarves and Modern Maasai who sells a variety of African items.

4. Gaming

Many kids are fans of gaming. I have a number of friends who are addicted to FIFA. You could
come together with friends and put a place where young can chill, eat and play games with their best buds. This would need more capital but with proper arrangements it will pay off big time.

5. Money markets

Well, this is more of an investment plan than a business idea. This is the best time to invest your money. If business is not for you just make sure that you are putting some money aside for your future. There are companies with condusive investment plans. Old Mutual for example has a plan called “I-invest” where students can deposit as little as 10 shillings per day. You can weigh the interest rates across different companie