Compe ni compe because I think we found the new Amos and Josh!! Busy Class aka Sir Rawny and Wainaina new single is a love song named ‘Rebecca’ and I must hand it to them, the video is in HD and looks good.

Unlike their previous song ‘Education’ that is about the youth and the importance of school, this is a love song about Rebecca. A girl they love and can do about anything for despite the fact that nobody wants to see them together. They then go on to serenade her saying how their life would be nothing without, Rebecca.

The video is set in an attractive home with guinea fowls and cranes. Rumor has it that the video was recorded in a large Karen estate. Well it’s plain to see that the setting of the video is really good.

Overall the song is okay with a laid back sound that would be great to listen to pre-turn up. With such a mellow beat I think the lyrics of the song should be a bit deeper. If you are new to the scene and want people to listen to you for 4 minutes, it would be good to listen to something different. Sauti Sol’s Nerea isn’t flying off the charts for no reason.. The same old ‘I would die without you’ has REALLY been exhausted speak about real issues and see what happens.

Another thing I can critic about the video is the ladies. Damn!! Talk about ratchet!! For all the sweet words the duo are singing about, they should have definitely looked for better looking ladies. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But AM JUSSAYIN’!!

Here is the video, watch it and you tell us what you think;