Butt Etiquette 101


It is no secret that men thirst over ladies with good-looking butts. Here are a few tips for you ladies, if you want men drooling over to have a feel of your bum.

The bigger the better

You can transform a flat tush into a juicy booty. The secret lies in how well you dress it and how sexy you’re walking it around. Wear something that will enhance your shape and give you the body of a woman.


Learn how to twerk

Twerking is very important etiquette. You will make all guys love you if you just get to twerkin’.


Unleash your inner Amber Rose 

Amber Rose knows how to flaunt her fat ass for all to see and we love her for it. Let her be your role model from now on.


Baby bend over, Baby bend over..

Drop a pen, paper, pin, whatever it may be. Any excuse to get you to bend down is very important bum etiquette.


Always wear Tight outfits

Having a big and well-rounded booty will make you a thirst trap and niggas will keep it easy with you. Wear outfits that are tight and fitting.


Let us touch

Its the Christian thing to do, share…


Walk slow, very slow

We love to see you walking away. So don’t go too fast, make us sad that you are leaving.


Thongs, thongs and more thongs

They are the best invention. Do not bother yourself with full fitting panties, burn them all and get some thongs!


Get to Lap dancing

Lap dances are the least you can do for a nigga with your bum. Just grind it against his pelvic area, you will have done your service in this world.


Ladies, men love nice butts, whether big or small. Just find a way to make them flirty. Do not be afraid to bring out the feminine side of you. Different butts require different dressing. Get in touch with a stylist to avoid your bum making you look ridiculous. Make it look nice!!

Any other points you think are important for bum etiquette? Kindly add your point below.