If any of you entered into the Cadbury ‘Spread the Joy’ competition that was going down in Nakumatt, Tuskys and Naivas supermarkets in Nairobi, Naivasha, Kisumu and Eldoret, the competition is now officially over.
The Cadbury Close event was held on Friday 21st February at the Prestige Plaza and it was a complete success. Honestly, I know most of you don’t bother filling those forms and chance being a winner cause well, truth be told, it’s one in  million but people do end up winning!! Those few minutes of just filling your details on a piece of paper helped about 20 people walk out of Prestige with a Surround system, a Flat screen TV, 2 night trip locally and even a trip to Birmingham, UK, Cadbury world!
The Event
Upon arrival, the lovely Cadbury ladies to ushered in guests and register names.
The lovely Cadbury's ladies
The lovely Cadbury’s ladies


The Dj kept the place hyped with good music that even led people into the Shuffle dance when ‘Happy’ By Pharrell Williams played. Happy is understatement for the mood at that event.

People getting down to 'Happy'.
People getting down to ‘Happy’.

The event was only for the winners who were served tantalizing foods and snacks while being entertained by the MC Sherriff.

cadbury lunch
Guests serving their food

The winners were then led to the movie theatre, fresh popcorn in hand, to watch ‘Kingsman : The Secret Service’ movie. Talk about fun!

Cadbury winners walk into movie theatre
Cadbury winners walk into movie theatre
The Prize-giving

After the movie, the guests were ushered back into the Prestige foyer where it was time to receive their prizes. I spoke to a young girl by the name Samia who won her family a surround system by only purchasing 1 Cadbury Chocolate!

cadbury winner
Samia being presented with Sony Home Theatre System
On the other hand, Victoria Nailantei, the winner of the UK trip, used to fill every entry form she could get her hands. Even her sister’s and friends if she could. The struggle was real. Luckily, she was the Grand winner and is now packing her bags for a trip to UK. On Friday, she was elated and you could tell she still couldn’t believe it. Victoria would be taking her sister for the 3-day trip.

Achieng' Abura presented with her Samsung flat screen TV
Achieng’ Abura presented with her Samsung flat screen TV
In conclusion, the British Commissioner , Mr. Mwema, gave a speech congratulating the grand winner and presented Victoria with her ticket!
Victoria holding her trip to UK ticket
Victoria holding her trip to UK ticket
The Brand Ambassador looking stunning in red also congratulated all the winners for participating. At 6 o’clock the event wound up with satisfied winners like the talented Achieng’ Oburawho got to go home with a flat screen TV.
cadbury winners
All the Cadbury winners and Cadbury employees
To top it all of, guests each left with some Lunch bars. Wow.
Well, if there is anything you can take away from this, when a competition is going on and you get the entry forms, DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! You never know what could come from them.
Have you ever won in any competition? Please let us know.