OK, brace yourself, this story is just going to get weird. So we have seen  him changing to a woman, and now he is ready to go back.  Caitlyn Jenner will be transitioning back to Bruce over the course of several weeks.

Kylie Jenner’s dad and former Olympic champion, Bruce Jenner came out as transgendered and revealed that he had been feeling like woman in the wrong skin since childhood. Jenner underwent several transitioning surgeries including a tracheal shave and reconstruction of the jawline and hairline to appear more feminine.

caitlyn jenner

Jenner covered VanityFair magazine in June as Caitlyn and received approval from fans worldwide. Caitlyn even landed a show on E!, “I Am Cait”, a show that followed Jenner and her trans-gendered friends. After just a few episodes, E! has considered canceling the series due to terrible ratings.

Vanity Fair

Well, I think she has realized attention is diverting as now she wants to go back! She/he says;

“These few weeks as Caitlyn has been a great experience for me but being a woman is hard. I’m 65 and I just don’t feel like having to learn a new way of life. I feel like Caitlyn was just a phase and I am glad I realized before getting  the   gender reassignment surgery. That would have been a tragedy. Just because I’m transitioning back to the old me doesn’t mean that I was not courageous. I am about to show even more courageousness when I go back to the old me and try to rehash the missing pieces from my life. Now that I’ve lived as a woman, I’ve gotten closure. It’s now time to go back to be the man that God created”

E! has announced that they will air a documentary series titled Getting Back To Bruce, which will be airing soon. The series will follow Jenner as she transitions back into manhood and also rekindling romance with an unnamed ex wife. E! offered Jenner a $2 million deal to record the eight part documentary.

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