Calvin Kirimba who also goes by the artistic name Calvo Mistari is a Kenyan Rapper with the Group Lyrical Assassins. He started rapping in 2003 in his last year of High School during the Insyder Pure 02 talent search.

I had a quick phone interview with him and this is what he had to say about his friendship with Amileena, his revolving music career and love for video production:

I heard you launched your album together with Amileena sometime back, is this true and why did you do that?


Our albums came out around the same time and so we wanted to reach out to fans at the same time and place.

Is it true that you and Amileena are dating?
We are just friends.We’re not dating.
How long have you been doing video production?
Since 2013 as Ive been doing projects for people.I opened doors to other artists like125, Juacali, Avril, Wyre, Kansoul and so on.
How did you manage to stay so calm when your house was being raided by thugs a while back?
God helped me to stay calm during that incident.
Are you working on another album or new material?
Im working on my second album which should be out around end of 2017 or early 2018.Im not in a hurry to release it to my satisfaction.
What is the song ‘Charger’ featuring Didge all about?
CHARGER is a song that talks about young high school love. I remember my past high school crush and proceed to break it down to the listener.
Can people tell that you and Opips are twins?
Some people can tell while others cant. We’re fraternal twins. He doesn’t live in my shadow. He is his own person.
Are you planning on collaborating with any international artists, if so, which ones?
Yes I am planning to work with Chege from Tanzania as well as with another Tanzanian artist.Ill also collaborate with HB from Nigeria on two songs especially one called ‘Oweyo’. Watchout for two more releases before the year ends.
Any advice to aspiring music producers and musicians?
Experiment more on your sound.Feel free and have the guts to experiment.
Any last words?
Request for more Kenyan music online and show more love for Kenyan fans.