Oldies pave way for the youngins because they are here to rock!! Boutoss known as Ad Familia is the new crew in town making waves, read on our interview with them here. They first came to the lime light with their song ‘She ratchet’ which is catchy and fun. They are back with their just released song feelings making their mark in this industry. Camp Mulla, Khalighraph, Abbas Kubbaff better watch out for this new talent. Shot in an empty house with a popping background of colour and art, though their style of music is westernized it does sell. You can actually hear the words which is better than their American counterparts so its easier to sing along and who doesn’t want to rhyme with some hip hop. It will definitely get some play in the clubs and am sure this is just the beginning of this crew.

Thumbs up

Ad Familia’s music is different from what we are used to locally, with the likes of Camp Mulla taking a side step this crew is definitely on the rise better watch out for them. the video editing was okay and their dancing is just hilarious. Honestly their best line is at the beginning ‘you gotta let us through, you gotta let her drive as well as you gotta let Camp mulla slide’.

Thumbs down

For a minute their I thought they were advertising for a colour company because the background was too colourful, and they need to dress up a bit I mean..

Here is the video;

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