A coin has two sides, so is every story. Jeff Koinange of K24 however sees and always brings to the bench the third side. This could be the edge or the ridge. Every note has 4 edges and 8 ridges. A 5/= shilling coin has 7 edges and 14 ridges. You cannot begin to imagine how many a round copper coin bears. Join me as we unravel the (N)th side of the campus dating game.

It is no longer esoteric that ladies date beyond their ages. Their fellows, the dudes however have often lowered their heads, looked down at, and stooped low for the girls below their ages. This is however not the norm as few campus dudes are breastfeeding for a second time. Emmanuel Ijachi must have been right about this. Men only find peace on the laps of their mothers or between the thighs of their women. The laps of older women alias the sugar mummies are however more interesting as campus dudes today find irresistible.

First is sex. It is no debate that explosive sex is the oil fuelling most romantic relationships. It is agreeable that poor love making may as well be the poison killing most relationships. Whereas young ladies want to keep their thighs locked or shy away from exploring sexual appeals, women older than them however known as the sugar mummies have discovered the secret weakness of their rival opponents. They are certainly hitting below the belt to snatch away fresh men, campus boyfriends. Boys on the other hand are naturally sexually active.

The other is money. Relationships are often more enjoyable with money around. The sugar mummies have lots of that, they are more willing to spent too. They will purchase phones, laptops, good clothes among others to keep their boyfriends happy and comfortable. They can also afford expensive rides, dates and night outs to quench the burning desires of their boyfriends.

A0The other is stress free relationships. The worst enemy of a student is stress. Think about all the assignments, reports, projects, activities, trips, programs, exams, sometimes siblings to compete or support, and or perhaps fee to rise. The least he needs is an idle lady who will always want him around. Sugar mummies often have work to do. Going by this, sugar mummies are easier to date. Besides, they will not be asking for money for pedicure, manicure, salon, chips for lunch and or all the rest ladies find interesting. They are more careful and mature. Cases of unwanted pregnancies are less scandalous.

Sugar mummies know what they want in a relationship. They are certain about their reasons for dating. They rarely play hard to get games. They operate on simpler understandings. Theirs is more like sexual contracts. Theirs are a definite mutual benefit kind of relationships. Some even end up building their boyfriends and leaving them only much better.

These may not be all but consensually top reasons why college dudes have joined in the race for the goldmines. I wonder though if they can stand the consequences and risks.

BY Mitiro Dominick