Why Campus Guys Are Losing To Sponsors

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2018)

I recently read a post on the internet about a girl from China who talked 20 of her boyfriends into buying her the latest iPhone 7 only to resell them after and make a down-payment for a house! Yes, she sold the phones to buy a house! The story might just be a scam in itself, but it got me thinking about campus girls these days and this whole sponsor business.

Sponsor Definition broken down 

The term sponsor has become so mainstream in the recent past, I’d dare say a household vocabulary. So what is a sponsor? According to the dictionary, a sponsor is a person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another. The slang however, has a different meaning, derived from the original. This sponsor is an individual who provides financial gain, in most instances usually in exchange for sexual favors. That’s my understanding of it.


How Sponsors have Changed the Game

These said sponsors have really shifted the game in the campus dating scene specifically. The hassle to find love in campus is being threatened by this rising trend. Ladies are starting to lose patience in “campus boys” and ambition has seized to be an attractive quality these days. Gone are the days when a campus girl would be impressed by the things a man wants to do, what he wants to make of his life.


If she asks what you do and you start with, “I want…”, trust me, you’ll be left standing there. Go get that money first then get back to finish the conversation. What do you have to offer… now? What can you bring to the table?

But really, what can a campus student bring to the table other than his goals and ambitions? Quite the quagmire,huh? There you are, a “campus boy” who depends on pocket money from your folks, which was only budgeted for you. You can barely keep up with the nights out and the trips to Pizza Inn on Tuesdays, but you still want to find love to fill in the missing piece in your puzzle. Can you handle “finding love”? Love seems to come with a price tag attached nowadays.

That’s where the sponsor comes in. The sponsor is not limited by resources like you are. Heck, a sponsor can buy love! You want that trendy, curvy lady with make up kit that can paint the Great Wall of China! Do you even know how much Mac make up costs? Well, a sponsor doesn’t need to know, but they can damn well afford it!

What do Uni Girls Want?! 


I personally stopped judging girls that get sponsors. First, ’cause it’s none of my business and second, nobody really cares anymore! It’s a jungle out here, everybody’s trying to make rent; get the next hot meal. Some are just trying to get their school fess paid.


I however, have a problem with these “needy students” (that’s what I call “sponsees”) who don’t really have anything to show for the time they’ve been sponsored. Lack of vision, that’s what I call it. Let’s face it, most of these arrangements are almost always temporary. It therefore baffles me that a young woman would waste her time on expensive trips, dinner dates, jewelry and an updated wardrobe and make zero moves in trying to make a steady “retirement” plan. You wont be young, beautiful and vibrant all your life, it’s just the way of nature. Those wrinkles will catch up with you eventually. That sag in your hind quarters and bosom is creeping!

Men are visual creatures as we are so often reminded and considering you don’t particularly have an exclusive relationship with your sponsor, they’re bound to bag another fresh needy student. What happens after is the lady withering away from lack of the comforts she’d been accustomed to, ’cause she did not have a plan. The culture of saving and investing was a foreign concept, or they were just caught up enjoying the thrills of life forgetting it’s only temporary.


What a waste it would be. Falling out with your peers( you probably didn’t need them at the time), maybe dropping out of school or not giving your studies adequate attention, the burden of secrecy in some among other demerits of such an association. All that for nothing in the long run. I don’t advocate for students going out and getting sponsors, generations have made it without needing “sponsorship.

But if you have to do it, just remember to stack some of the benefits away for a rainy day, nothings lasts forever. Start a business, invest in something, buy bonds and shares…just do something worthwhile!

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