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(Last Updated On: January 30, 2014)

0You remember the days of; Bruce Lee, the legend.., Commando, Mr. flex, the predator.., Rambo, my guy on the machine gun.., Van Damme, the king of kickboxing.., Chuck Noris, Old is gold.., Jet Li, the Shaolin boy, the light Wing Chan.., and Jackie Chan, Mr. Slim, the guy with the humor.., whoah..!! Those really were the days. And the 20th century had it all.

I remember skiving school for the cinemas. I remember sliding quickly past the school euphorbia fence to the local centre. I remember too my elder brother, Kevin getting in trouble with dad and sure coming closest to the biblical rod. The worst temper I must have seen my dad ever in. I mean, if you missed these then you certainly missed it all, the fun.

Today we watch in the comfort of our rooms. The 21st century has sure come with a revolution in the entertainment industry. And the internet is wizard magically bringing high intensity, powerful and high fiction movies to the doorstep.

You will catch me escaping prison again with the boys at Prison Break, scheming against the company with Nikita, fighting the keeper with mother confessor in the Legend of the Seeker, looking for the fountain of youth with Merlin, or showing off my new ride, Kid, the voice automated sleek chameleon car. You can catch up with me again showing off my skills and getting laid, The Transporter, battling it in court in suits, or trying to control the universe with my Touch.

Ever wondered why the campus guy next door never sleeps at night?!? It must be an illusion to think that they read all night. They have discovered the secret world of series movies and they would not stop till dawn.

It is however surprising that you would miss the movies of the likes of Commando, Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Chuck Noris, Wing Chan, Rambo, Jet Li, Dolph, Steven Seagal, and many others like that as they are popularly known, on student laptops.

The boys would be wishing they were rancho of 3 Idiots, silently hoping they would score such grades and gain recognition as the character at first year. They will b singing love impossible, Pyaar Impossible, at 2nd year. They would be slowly gaining popularity in 3rd year and they can afford Players. In 4th year they would be bragging kings of campus, Don. The ladies however would be watching back the days of Tom and Jerry, Pussy and Boots, and Ratatoule.

by Mitiro Dominick

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