Parties in Universities are filled with different types of students from all walks of life. Their various attitudes makes the party more fun due to the diversity that comes together to celebrate. Here are 5 characters that we find at every campus party:

  1. Couples

It is always a great idea to bring a plus one to any party because of the pressure that is involved with such events. Campus parties might get lonely sometimes and couples try to balance the equation. Every party in campus always has more guys than ladies. The ratio gets overwhelming and in most cases girls get sandwiched between guys while dancing. Couples will avoid any sandwiching and stick to their ‘bae’.

2. Single Guys

These are the most populous at any campus parties. They are known as ‘Team Mafisi’. Single guys are always looking out for any ladies that seem lonely or are willing to dance. They are the lonely guys at the counter or the DJ booth trying to look important. Single guys at a party also have no money hence suck on one bottle of Guinness the whole night and make sure the lady they are trying to hit on sees it.

3. Freeks

Party animals is another name for them. They are always on the dance floor creating trouble for decent party goers. For them, there’s nothing decent about partying in Universities. Crazy dance moves are their thing and they never seem to understand the beat of the song. Freeks at campus parties care less about others around them.

4. Singers

You have seen the guys who get emotional whenever their favorite song comes on right? Ladies also shout on top of their lungs because ‘that’s my jam’ is playing. Theses kind of party goers know every lyric in these songs and sing with all emotion like they actually wrote the damn song! And they are always in groups, especially ladies, dressed like they just came from an annual blueticking meeting.

5. The High grade group

This is like an organization with branches in every University. They are always high on either drugs or too much alcohol. You will find them on the pavements sound asleep or totally wasted on school lawns. This group of party goers on campus also love stories depending on the side effects of the contents they just ingested.