Last week we had the Party primaries in Kenya gearing up for the August 8th general elections in the Country. There was drama everywhere with some aspirants denying the results when they were defeated, others ending up in jail and some shedding real tears.

Campus politics is the same. There is nothing different in the way they are carried out in Kenya in comparison with the normal citizen elections. Political knowledge always starts in the University and we have seen this translate into national leadership. Most of our leaders today were at one time student leaders according to records proving that their journey begun in campus.

Universities in Kenya always admit students from different ethnic groups and so when there is an occurrence such as elections on campus, those who get the votes should have a general appeal to all students. Tribalism in Universities and voting according to this phenomenon also happens in the national elections. Students also have their preferences when it comes to voting and some decide to vote for one of their ‘own’. The violence also translates to what always happens in national politics.

The ever famous and controversial SONU chairperson Babu Owino recently clinched an ODM ticket to vie for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat. He has been at the helm of student politics for some time now and it has worked out for him. His political strategy started as a student leader at the University of Nairobi and now he is probably going to be elected into parliament in the coming general elections.

Campus is where it all starts.