A campus┬ástudent has been found guilty of committing unnatural acts to three boys and has been slapped with a 20 year imprisonment by a Kenyan court. Ray Thomas Ochieng’ was found guilty for committing the act on September 6, 2008.

The minors whom were two brothers and a friend were aged between seven and nine years.

The court was told by the prosecution counsel Shirley Chepkonga that the accused lured the boys into his house by inviting them to share a cake before sending two of them to buy an item from the shop for him to be able to sodomize the first victim which he later warned not to inform anyone of what he had done to him.

The prosecutor said that the culprit, from a local campus, defiled the other two boys on their return from the shop. The three victims however reported the matter despite being warned by the accused not to inform anybody.

Mr. Ochieng told the court that he was having examinations on the day he was said to have done the act but did not give sufficient reasons to prove the allegation but further submitted that the victims were his neighbours.

After listening to all the parties, the high court judge delivered the verdict that Ray Thomas Ochieng be sentenced for 20 years in prison.

A medical doctor who testified in court said that the medical examinations done indicate that there were signs of healing bruises but there were no indications of any sexual releases.

On the wake of this revelation, the country has been faced with various challenges in which campus students are being the most affected as either victims or the perpetrators of numerous acts of homosexuality.