#CampusChronicles How A Plot In Campus Goes From 0-100 Real Quick!

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2015)

Just a couple of months after graduation and I already miss those nights in campus where my girls and I would doll up ready for another night of fun, liquor and dance, we would wear our latest of fashion, those heels you almost sold a leg for to afford, the lipstick that would give Kylie Jenner’s lips a run for their money, and of cos the makeup that made you feel forever 21, this was campus for you, fake it till you make it was the motto.

On a Thursday night my best friend and i would know our schedule for the weekend who was going where, who was buying the drinks and where the cab money would come from, being girls in campus was a bit easier coz you would ever have one or two guys asking you out for a drink or two which turned out to be ten, disgustingly drunk and a splitting headache the next day but make it to class I still don’t know how we pulled it off, the trick was to make sure one knew you weren’t free on Friday but Saturday was okay so as to extend the weekend as we used to call it, we would ask for the most expensive drinks just to see if he would buy, went us far as  bet on it before we left the room for fun,  Google was very much our friend since we knew the name of the drinks and since the guy wanted to impress he would deep into his pocket and get the drinks we would text each other under the table and even pay up the bet while giggling to ourselves, girls can be cheeky but then again when would we have had a chance to do this if not in campus

Plotlessness in campus on a Friday night was a taboo, unheard off, a felony and you would not be caught dead in your room, unless that kaguy from your class was telling you sweet nothings, sometimes we would be so broke we would come together and remove the few coins we had just to make it to a boty of KIBAO, you all know what I mean and daaaamn we would enjoy it, it was so bad we would make things up just to come up with that 500 bob to get that boty, until you’re in campus you would never understand, the struggle was real, now this boty was for about four to five guys, some who haven’t had a drink in over a month that means that boty would only go round twice before it went down, to avoid this we would take shots so as to get tipsy faster, by the time it was done your craving for a second boty and the harambee is put on the table again remembering that the first time we all changaad aaaall we had, then you realize guys had money hidden in the weirdest of places, we couldn’t imagine going to bed and the party had just started, one of the guys would go get the drink while we behind would be left fixing the sound system there was no sleeping tonight.

So the drink would come this time followed by a coke, even a few lemons and I would make cocktails for everyone, a few illegal substances would flow around the room and I would not even look at them since anything illegal I do not partake hehehe. We would talk about the future what we wanted to do, our voices would grow  louder our laughter could be heard all over but that dint phase us I mean it was a Friday night, we would get a knock or two to quiet down and they would give up on the third when they realized we dint even notice how loud we were, my best friend would try to dance even create a dance or two we would drop the next time we were in the club, I remember busy signals song Bumaye was rocking the airwaves then and we would play it a million times before we moved to the next track it would drive us nuts, nemesis would coincidentally fall in love even make out just to realize what a mistake that was in the morning, lets not talk about the walk of shame and the crazy hangover that would make my best friend swear off drinks until the following Friday, believe it or not of all the Remy martins we had out of school the Kibao between my friends and In our rooms were one of the best times I ever had in campus and when I look back I wouldn’t change it for anything…..


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