richghettokidsDefine rich; is it having all the money in this world? Being able to buy anything and everything your heart desires or is it going to whatever country you feel has better weather than the one we are experiencing right now. Being rich is relative and everyone has their own way of defining it. We shall take the approach of it being crazy wealthy, having all the cash you need at your disposal, all you have to worry about is how to use it. So can one be this rich and still be ghetto?

Again, define ghetto; is it being able to bargain your way out of anything, getting into a concert or when buying those cute pair of trousers in Gikomba? Is it pulling all the ratchet moves in the club or being the loudest person even when you are supposed to be calm and collected? This again is relative, one can choose to see and define ghetto in their own way.

I have a friend we shall call her ‘Lovely’, well for obvious reasons, she is gorgeous and knows how to keep it that way. Lovely had a great childhood, spoilt daddy’s girl. Anything she wanted was given to her with no delay or question as to why she wants it. She went to the B schools. Braeside, Brookhouse and the likes. All her friends were from the same financial back ground she came from and only knew the good things in life. But one thing stood out when it came to Lovely. She had some weird ways of doing things that spelt out ghetto and ratchet in caps.

I already told you that Lovely was a looker, so getting boyfriends (yes in plural) was not a problem. The problem came in when she expects her men to step in even when it came to getting her 50bob worth of airtime. She has the money right, but just does not want to use it for some reason only known to her. She is the kind of lady who would shop at the most cheap boutique, not because she is down to earth and wants to save up on the money, but just because she prefers to look ragged and to wear cheap stuff. Does this make her ghetto or just simple? Your take is welcomed.

Let’s leave her fashion sense for another day. Why is Lovely a thief? What reason does she have to go through your bag and take the money you have been saving all week to go out? I mean it’s only enough to be her pocket money compared to the kind of cash she is given as an allowance. Recently, every time we go out as a group? One has to lose some money or a gadget and all the time this happens, she is around. Others were very defensive of her when guys accused her of being a thief. How could anyone in Lovely’s position steal from you? She has everything.

It did not take long until one of her friend set a trap for her, she was one of her victims and she wanted to prove the other people wrong. That she was not accusing Lovely wrongly. So they went out as usual, and she kept three thousand in her wallet to see if she will be able to finally ‘Mulika Mwizi’. The night went on very well, and at one point Lovely offered to watch the bags as the others went to the dance floor. That is when she used to make her killing for the night. So when the other guys came from the dance floor, she did her usual, threw drinks and shots for everyone. So no one had to look for money anymore. The night was good and everyone was dropped home by her driver. Only for them to wake up to empty wallets.

If that was not enough, she is invited to a birthday party and she walks away with an iPhone. Now if Lovely was paying attention in class, she would have been smart enough to know that these phones can be tracked down and found by the owner very easily. So aas she was taking selfies with her new found gadget to post on Instagram, she was indeed busted by the owner. Enough said.

So can one really be rich and ghetto at the same damn time?

By snyder lukalia