Caning Vs Therapy: What Do you Think is the Best Solution??

Growing up in the early years was something to be recall. Raising kids in the hood was also something to be fond of. Can you recall when you played games with fellow kids in the hood. Hide and Seek was quite common.

Take me back to the time when we used to hide for hours before someone finds you in a game.

A football match was not a miss for all kids in the hood. Life seem to be enjoyable to the kids in the hood but now what has become of is quite a quagmire.

Well a kid has been trending in the social media throwing tantrums at a fellow kid who is a schoolmate or even a classmate. Words that can destroy an inner man are heard from the abuses of the young fellow.

There are certain words that couldn’t come out of one’s mouth. You couldn’t even think of them but today, it seems normality and madness has overtaken the world. What will we do to our children of this generation.

In this generation, we are raising children who pull a stunt surprise at even their parents. You could be shocked your 10 year old kid knows no mercy and can even commit a murder. Where did we go wrong as a liberal state?

We’ve blamed the western world for long for infiltrating our nationalism but has it come to that.

Social Media is the order of the day for the generation X and movies are now a new form in the town. You can’t question a problem we’ve brought before our eyes.

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Parental roles have also been exchanged. We have busy parents who are busy at the expense of fending for their family and have forgotten to play their roles very well. The education system has also been adaptive and most of the kids are left at the hands of the trainers for long hours. Will you blame the parents?

Religion used to be the basis of every wrong or right. We have seen the outcome in our churches and also in our political arenas. One thing you need to agree, young chirps learn from what they see and here is just one ratio of what we breeds out.

The government and parents needs to be in shock when these words are what we call freedom. Caning has been vividly seen as a disadvantage to the new generation. Who will save us from this mayhem that has taken over the generation X.

Will Social media help us? Will government or parents arise? Will churches and religious places of worship awake from their slumber? Only time will tell…



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