A lot of times it can be quite challenging working with most celebrities or even well ‘loaded’ personalities as they tend to think they sort of own you and you don’t matter as much.

Stories of many celebrities mistreating their employees and in some cases failing to pay them are often shared once they have either parted. The latest case is that of top American female rapper Cardi B who has been trending since last week after an old video of her former make-up artist exposing her started trending.

In the 36minute emotional video, Mua Blacswan described the all experience of how she arrived on time only to be kept waiting for over 40minutes by Cardi B, have her work criticized before its even half way done before she was thrown out of Cardi B’s room with all kind of insults being thrown her way;

The video had a lot of people criticizing Cardi something that led to her responding to the claims only to make the situation was she ended up getting exposed for lying in her response;

The make-up artist has since been receiving a lot of support online with her video now hitting over 4 million views on YouTube.