Rapper/singer Cardi B just released be careful, the first single off her soon to be released album, Invasion of privacy. The single has been receiving a lot of positive feedback having over five million views on YouTube as of now.

Cardi B seems to be pouring her out to a person who we assume to be Offset for playing with her feelings and hurting her. While it may be just a song and just that, it might as well be her true story as rumors of her fiancé Offset cheating on her. have been everywhere even worse with him being said to be the father of Celina Powell’s newborn baby.

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“Be careful with me, yeah it’s not a threat it’s a warning”, says a line the slow tempo song. It’s a nice song that will definitely be a dedication to a lot of men. It will be a shout out here from their women no doubt about that.

Check the song out in the link below if you still haven’t.