Jay Z and Beyonce a.k.a The Carters seem to have waited for everybody to drop their albums before they went ahead to drop their joint album probably to overshadow the rest.

The Power couple released their 9 track album on Saturday titled, Everything is Love. While many people expected nothing but classics from the two who are A lists in their different fields, the two seem to have disappointed their fans with their album leaning more towards trap. Beyonce is out here trying to sound like a ‘Lil Uzi Vert’ if not the fourth member of the Migos.

This prompted people to do their research and it now turns Ape Sh*t which is the lead single off the album initially belonged to Quavo and Offset. The two members of the Migos also did the back up’s for the song and are credited for writing and additional vocals on the song.

The reference track by Quavo and Offset did leak but the carters are doing everything they can to get it off the internet and anytime it is uploaded online, it’s been taken down.

Meanwhile you can check it out here before it’s been pulled down;

Here is the official track by the Carters;

Which version of the song do you have prefer, the Carters or Migos? Tell us below.