Another week down, some more memes! Here are the most common trending topics for the week of 1st October 2017.

  • Self-Made Benz Excites Kenyans online


A Kenyan motorist has taken the internet by storm after converting a Nissan Fuga to a Mercedes Benz with a few logo touch ups.

The vehicle was spotted on a Kenyan road by a Mercedes Benz driver who snapped it and shared online.

Users praised the motorist’s creativity, quoting the infamous “fake it till you make it.”



  • Naivas Takes Attack Marketing to the Next Level with jibe at Carrefour

A shopper by the name Wangu Wa Muendo took to social media to narrate how she was racially abused by the woman at Carrefour hypermarket at the Hub in Karen.

Ms Muendo claimed the supermarket’s management refused to come to her aid during the incident.

This led to Kenyans online coming in defense of one of their own and faulting Carrefour for how they had chosen to handle the situation. Carrefour later addressed the trending situation saying that the matter was under investigation.

Naivas then came into the picture taking advantage of the situation to differentiate and market themselves in the process. The post that they put online went viral in a matter of minutes.





  • UoN Closed


With all the constant strikes and indefinite closing of the University of Nairobi it can take a student to finish a 4 year course in 8 years. And this has become evident again this past week as the school was closed down indefinitely due to security concerns. This might make the students lose another full semester.

So as to let out their frustrations students from the school joined other Kenyans in making fun of their situation with hilarious tweets and memes.






  • Nairobi Business Community inspires more Business Communities to rise up


Last week, dreadlocked businessmen and women calling themselves the Nairobi Business Community stole the show when NASA supporters took to the streets to demonstrate. They claimed that they were out to protect their businesses in the city centre from looters and hooligans but Kenyans, being themselves, went online to ridicule the situation.

It started with the Nairobi Business Community and now more business communities are popping up to demand their rights.

Sportpesa Business Community video link: