The scandal that has been trending in Kenyan campuses is dating sugar daddies.The typical sugar daddy is over 45 years old,married and rich or whatever else he is,doesn’t matter how he looks,he must be RICH.
In most cases you are likely to meet him at a workplace because lets face it,you and he exists in different social circles.He’s always heaven sent when you meet them, professional and helpful then he’ll suggest lunch at one of the restaurant,like seriously,who wouldn’t want to eat out and skip the boring campus meals.It gets even more interesting when he suggests dinner,he’d like to see you walk in that beautiful dress of yours that’s only worn on special occasions.
Lets not forget the shopping treats your going to get.As smart as he is,he won’t ask for anything yet he’ll just play cool.The old guy is going to be the best friend you’ve never had,he will spur you with all goodies in the name of “your beautiful,you deserve the best”.
The next thing he’s offering to help you come up with ideal projects making sure you don’t give excuses of being busy with schoolwork when he wants to spend time with you. Life becomes interestingly easier making you not believe the phrase”research work in campus is tough”.
Afterwords,your internship is planned out in his company most probably and you get paid,paid for doing nothing because half the time your spending time with him.
When all this is over and you have to go back to campus life,”filthy hostel and food” he decides to rent you a house not to mention the car he bought you for your birthday that you will be driving to school.
Later on,he drops the bombshell,’since I met you my life has been different i want you all by myself’ and you wonder what took him long to say that cause you’ve been in love with his money since you knew him.
The fling takes a new turn,every week he tells his wife he’s off for a business trip but in reality he goes to see his girlfriend to have fun.Everything takes a new turn,you don’t care about your studies anymore,its all about the fun,you enjoying his money and him enjoying your body putting the wife out of place.
Be on the lookout,such traps never last!

Written by:

Patience Jumwa.