On Saturday 6th June, a day after World Environment Day, there was need to pick a new Mr and Mrs Environment. The event started with modelling from primary and secondary student catwalking and showing off their eloquency. The judges (the former Mr and Mrs Environment) chose the best of the participant as the ambassadors in their various levels. Joyce Natasha is the Primary Environment Ambassador. The secondary environment ambassadors roles went to Cynthia Waweru and a handsome Samuel. They are expected to plant trees, create awareness on environment awareness and attend training programmes.

After that, then the fun began. The place filled up with hyped campus students and the energy level went from -10 to 100%. The MC Mtumbili and Ruff kept cracking the audience up. I think they kept us alive so much I even forgot it was a pageant event not standup comedy. The performances set for entertainment served their cause. There were all sorts of performances from acoustic to dance, mad rap to spoken word. There was an acoustic performance by Felix Amoei where he encourage unity in a great angelic voice. And best believe he looked as good as he sang.

Acoustic performance by Felix Amoei
Jontee got ladies screaming with a very romantic Bongo song. The trophy of dance went to Aladdin. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone move like that. I’ve missed my dancing shoes…been awhile. T-Dave did some wonderful spoken word featuring Mukima.I won’t even bother explaining how good they were. Making it too my article says enough about them. Of course entertainment isn’t entertainment without some hip hop. There was Gachunga the Scientist,Luther C, Mara 100, Lyrical Hype who had sick flowy rhymes.

Lyrical Hype doing their thing
When it came to the pageant itself, we were lucky to meet the best in the modeling and fashion industry. The judges were the beautiful Miss Universe, Gaylyne Ayugi, a reknown model, Kevin Makanga, a gorgeous model, Gechi, Miss Kenya, Idah Nguma among others. It was quite a panel. If I was a contestant I would be intimidated but not these contestants. The models were beautiful, confident people and pretty prepared from what they presented.

The lovely Miss universe Kenya, Gaylene Ayugi
The lovely Miss universe Kenya, Gaylene Ayugi
There were all sorts of outfits. The ladies and gents rocked lovely designs of African wear. Got me thinking of getting myself a tailored outfit. One could tell the models took their time too get outfits because they fit them perfectly like they were made for them. There was also interesting tastes. Some took Denim to the runway, others kikoi designs. The ladies wore the sexiest heels…you know those dreamy ones you only see on Fashion pages. I couldn’t help but show my envy.

The epitome of creativity was shown that night. There were dresses,skirts and shirts made from all sorts of ‘garbage’. Polythene, Gunia, sugar paper, straws, gloves, even plastic party cups. I know most of them sound impossible but believe me they made it possible. One was even creative enough to use scratch cards as decor on his plain white Tee. Most of the models made their crazy outfits look sexy and even good enough to buy it from a store.

Creative polythene paper dress
The evening wear runway was amazing!! The models presented their elegant gowns with interesting dramatic story. They acted out all sorts of relationship storylines. Others did engagement proposals, cheating scenes, two timing scenes…now imagining such talent with slow music. It was entertaining as it is modelling.
The audience with students from Mount Kenya University, Zetech university, University on Nairobi, JKUAT and even as far as Egerton University was very active in supporting their contestants. Though not everyone can be a winner. The 2nd Runners Ups were Wycliffe Manyara and Babil Harun. The 1st Runner’s up went to Lawrence Muriuki and Jemimah Night. Lastly, Mr and Mrs Environment went to Cliff Adagi and Rithabille Moraa Ondieki.