The song 9 to 5 by Cece Sagini has a chilled out feel but instrumentals would get you up on your feet. In the song Cece expresses her frustration at a “9-5” job but states that her characterized subconscious asks her “kitu gani inafanya usicheze?” (What’s stopping you from dancing?).

She then slowly comes out of her somber mood. The modulation that marks the climax is well executed.

The set of the video is exquisite and the actors well maintain their characters to the end especially the lady chewing and pulling on her gum. The costume designer did a good job by dressing Cece brightest in the video portraying her as the center of focus which she should be. She owned her character in her video and song.

What also adds points is there is a dance! yea! Cant wait to dance to it at her next convert.

I am an official #cecelian.

The video was directed by Moses Osidiana and song produced by Mg Producer.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts.