twendeHaving seen some celebrities multi-task spotlights doubling up as musicians and actors,our celebrities are   also not left behind, their new thing or you can call it a hobby is  about delivering a Tusker to Humphrey Kayange, from Kenya to London through a 50-day journey to 8 countries.
this is a new reality television show by the name ‘Twendekazi’ .this show  involves a couple of media personalities and showbiz celebrities, paired for this shows’s actions. currently there are 25 teams of two who will be exposed to a  50 day journey and even more days to 8 countries while  encountering hardships as they find their way to London.

Team 1: Ezekiel Kemboi & Michael Nduati

Team 2: Nameless & Wandia Ma

Team 3: Philip Mwaniki & Miller Ronoh

Team 4: Radio & David Mwita

Team 5: Weasel & Purity Wines

Team 6: Jaguar & Edwin Mudaki

Team 7: Navio & Anthony Gitonga

Team 8: Papa Shirandula & Abba Ndire

Team 9: Pinky Ghelani & Thorn Muli
Team 10: Jalang’o & John Kimani

Team 11: Janet Wanja & Hardlyne Lusui

Team 12: Maurice Kirya & David Kimaro

Team 13: Allan Wanga & Vanessa Anyango

Team 14: Fred Obachi Machoka & Grace Mwelu

Team 15: Jeremy Onyango & Simon Mwanzia

Team 16: Bebe Cool & Mercy Kuria

Team 17: Flavia Tumusiime & Charles Kibinda

Team 18: Eve D’Souza & Kennedy Majau

Team 19: Lucy Wangui & Michael Munyoki

Team 20: Jacob Keli & Anthony Gwaro

Team 24: STL & Perry Kizia

Team 25: Kipchoge Keino & Clement Ogwang