Here are some celebrities who started off as pornstars on their road to stardom:

Arnold Swarznegger SKWOZI

The former governor of California and body builder turn actor once did porn. That’s one muscle we never really get to see.








Jackie Chan is an action star, action choreographer, martial artist and stunt performer. One of his former stunts was a gig in porn.







Sylvester Stallion RAMBO

The Italian Stallion once took porn for a ride. Back in the day, Sly did what he could to survive and make it in Hollywood. Yo Adrian!





Perrey Reeves Reeves

He’s the fast talking talent manager on HBO’s “Entourage,” but back in the day, his lips were doing more than talking. Perrey Reeves once starred in porn.







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Marilyn Monroe monroe

Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol in the 1950′s and her candle never died. Even today, women try to emulate the beautiful actress, but hopefully they don’t do porn like she did.





David Duchovny david

Even David Ducovny starred in porn at one time. He dropped his pants and rolled the dice, ending up as an actor in Hollywood.





Matt LeBlanc Matt

Good old Joey Tribiani in porn? Yep, Friends’ star Matt LeBlanc started his career in porn.






By @Slitherbee