What Celebs Have to Say About the Stop Hate Campaign

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2014)
With the growing animosity between the political class, their blind followers are also following suit.
The social media networks are turning into battle grounds for two groups that don’t see eye to eye.
The jublee and the cord supporters have taken off their gloves and are angling for a fight.
To curb this, a social media campaign dubbed #StopTheHate was started to remind supporters of those sides that Kenya belongs to everyone. And that the hating and tribalism need to end.
Here are some opinions from various Kenyan celebrities on the issue…

Nameless: “Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding. #StopTheHate.”

Rufftone: “Forgiveness is not for the fainthearted,it is for the brave-hearts.Be BRAVE!!! #StopTheHate

VICTOR NDULA: “#StopTheHate I grew up in a cosmopolitan setting with all tribes, who died and made politicians choose who I should love or hate?”

Jua Cali: “Spread Love today and #stopTheHate

SENATOR MURKOMEN: “I hope we will love and respect political leaders and #StopTheHate

DJ KROWBAR : “Politicians are setting up Kenyans against one another. #StopTheHate

Ciru Muriuki: “Tribalism comes from a place of resentment, misinformation, and stereotyping perpetuated by leaders with an ulterior motive. #StopTheHate

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