The Kenyan Music Industry currently seems to be doing quite well and this has led to many people joining the industry either as producers or artists in the hope of gaining something from it while it’s still booming.

Artists invest thousands of hundreds and even millions hoping to make a profit off of it either from getting well paying shows, doing adverts or even charging other artists who may be interested in working with them.

Are collaborations worth it?

While this may work for some, it can also backfire to others as if you are not consistently doing well, nobody may be willing to work with you and this leaves us with the question, is this really a risk worth taking?

For example while top artists such as  Khaligraph are reaping big from the venture charging ridiculously high fees of as much as Ksh 60, 000 per collabo, others charge as less as Ksh10,000 and it’s still hard to get any interested artists willing to pay them that much.

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A controversial top gospel artist once declared he would not work with any other artist for less than Ksh100, 000 and up to today we haven’t seen a lot of collaborations from him so I think we are allowed to assume that might have played a big role into that situation.  

Some of the top artists are as well forced to swallowed their egos and lower their prices otherwise in these current hard times nobody is willing to spend high amounts of money on an investment that they are not even sure of.

My Opinion

While charging artists for collaborations may work for others, to others it may not necessarily work and therefore, it is advisable for artists to focus on building their brands slowly without focusing on the returns, once people feel like you are worth their money, then they will definitely approach you.