The famous actor popularly known for his role as Charlie in the two and a half men sitcom, that saw him rise to his fame finally came out to the world on his HIV status. Rumors surfaced in 2011 after he was first diagnosed with the illness, that’s when his behavior started spiraling. It turns out, the whole “tiger blood” craziness wasn’t as random as we all thought– it was actually Charlie’s way of coping with the difficult news.

The ‘tiger blood’ reference was when he found out and he said it and used it to prove his invincibility Charlie who has been fighting with drug addiction and being linked to numerous porn stars and didn’t accept the fact that he had it and was convincing himself in every way that he didn’t have it.

Sadly, things went from bad to worse for Charlie Sheen following the diagnosis, That is when he started ruining his relationships with his exes and two and a half men creator chuck Lorre which saw Charlie’s character in the sitcom killed off . A close friend to the actor explained his behavior as being depressed, “ He went to the dark places he went to because he really thought that the HIV he caught was a death sentence. It was and is a nightmare for him”

Charlie who has been criticized for keeping his status a secret for two years and still sleeping with different partners without revealing his status , with him explaining that the HIV virus was undetectable.

We sure hope he’s living positively. The example of Charlie Sheen should help us realize, NOBODY is invincible.