The Kenyan President last night engaged Kenyans in a Facebook live conversation where he read and answered peoples questions. The President urged Kenyans to vote for him so that he can implement his action plan to create 6.5 million jobs by building on the foundation he has laid in the last four years.

He said his administration has concrete plans to create more jobs, lower prices and make Kenya safer through proper investment in the right sectors.

The President called on Kenyans to promote peace and unity as the country heads to the election.

“No matter the outcome of the election, we must remember that we are all Kenyans,”

He said the government has invested sufficient resources in improving the country’s infrastructure to support job creation.

He spoke of Garissa which  is now connected to the national power grid and that roads in the region are under construction.

On access to electricity, the President said 56 per cent of Kenyan households now have power, double the figure in 2013.

The President said those competing with Jubilee do not have any plan to build on the progress the country has achieved in the last four years. He said;

“No plan means no progress. No progress means no new jobs, higher cost of living, weakened security and a less prosperous Kenya,”

He also took time to speak about the death of Big Kev. He described him as a mentor and leader to many young Kenyans in the entertainment industry. Then send out him condolences to his family.

When he begun answering questions from the public, he was quick to answer as to why he didn’t attend the debate. He said that he will need confidence from the media to be confident, free and fair.

Watch the full interview below: