Have you ever found yourself telling someone to cheza chini? Well, this phrase only means that you do not want someone to relax.

For example, you want to gift a friend and another friend wants to spoil the surprise by telling the friend so you have to tell them to cheza chini.

The Chingi changa hit maker Vivian has decided to come up with a club banger by the name cheza chini.

The song features the two in one hit maker Naiboi together with Savara of Sauti Sol and the song is just on point.

The song talks about a lady who is dating but she likes someone else and her massage to the man is to Cheza Chini and take his shot.

Before the release of the song, Sam West who is Vivian’s husband did not approve of some part of the song saying that the intimacy between Vivian and Naiboi was not good and he wanted the part to be pulled out.

Vivian took to her social media to share the conversation but finally the video is out now.

Check out the song: