Chinese Government Grabs University of Nairobi Land – VIDEO!

The Chinese government is becoming a nuisance to the Kenyan people. The Chinese are now a talk of town. If you aren’t using a Chinese made appliance you are either using a road constructed by the Chinese.

Chinese have gone ahead to construct our SGR railway line. In all these struggles, we seem to be debted to Chinese. Chinese are really repaying back with all sorts of unpleasing measures. We are in shame!

Chinese took to our markets and even began selling their clothes at Gikomba market. This led to unfair competition with the Kenyan locals. It took the intervention of Dr. Matiang’i to have them ousted from the market.

Last week, four Chinese were also arrested for being in the country illegally. A video that went viral is just an example of how Chinese are mistreating us on a daylight. They have taken advantage of the relationship we are having.

News just reaching us, is that Chinese are now claiming to have purchased two blocks in University of Nairobi. They have shut the doors of the blocks as learning progresses in the university.

Lecturers and students are now forced to await for them to come and open the door so that they can move out of the class. It’s quite embarrassing for this to happen in a university that is belonging to Kenyans.

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