Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has had a possible outbreak of cholera. This has happened after several incidents of cholera have occurred in Juja.

The institution has addressed the students to be careful and drink only boiled water and strictly wash hands before and after food. They have also been warned against buying boiled food around Juja.

The university’s acting chief medical officer, RW Mugo warned the students not to buy any food from hawkers and report on any suspicious cases.

The residents suspected the outbreak could be as a result of drinking water mixing up with raw sewage, something that Muga agreed with.

“Flooding could be a cause but most likely it is sewage that is mixing with drinking water and then the water is coming into contact with food, especially for people who are relying on shallow wells,” said Mugo.

The cholera outbreak panic was because a mother and her three children had been admitted at a hospital with cholera at Thika Level Five hospital.

Patrick Nyaga, a doctor at the hospital said,

“At the moment there is a treatment center in Kiambu and we encourage the people within that neighborhood to seek treatment there. The first admission was on Friday but they keep coming in, getting treated and discharged,” said Nyaga.

Some of the places that have been affected by the outbreak are 15 estates that have lacked tap water for days this was after a pipe busted after it was hit by a road contractor.