There’s a sudden cholera outbreak in the country and all persons are requested to stay alert and take care of themselves. Many people are dismissing it, thinking it is only affecting those in slums, however this is not the case. My friends has had an upset stomach over the whole weekend. Diarrhea and vomiting, however today morning, he noticed blood. He then called for help and was taken to hospital. Much to his dismay, he was told he had Cholera! He is currently under medication and treatment for the disease.

This case therefore shows just how real this disease is. It’s really frightening to think how fatal cholera can be as it can cause death within a few hours if not treated in time. But it is better prevention than cure, so we shall tell you a few facts on cholera you should know:


It is a severe form of diarrhea and dehydration that is caused bu a bacteria in water.


*Diarrhea (like rice water) in large quantities


*leg cramps



Cholera can be prevented by good hygiene and careful use and treatment of water and careful handling of food such as below;


-Dispose junk and trash far from water sources and always wash carefully after handling.

-ALWAYS wash hands after using the toilet

-ALWAYS wash hands before handling food.


-Don’t drink untreated water

-Keep water containers clean and do not put hands in drinking water

-Treat water using at least 2 methods:

*filter and boil

*filter and add lime or lemon

*filter and add chlorine


-Cook food thoroughly and eat while it’s still hot. Especially fish and sea food which are more prone to the cholera bacteria

-Do not mix cooked and raw foods

-Exclude infected persons from handling food

-Wash vegetables and fruits properly in treated water or peel if there’s no water

-Discourage the habit of several people eating from a communal food container.

-Avoid eating from street vendors e.g. .mutura, roast maize, smokies.


If unfortunately you or a loved one gets infected, seek medical attention as soon as possible but also try and administer the re-hydration treatment as first aid by mixing sugar, salt and treated water to the victim. Porridge is also recommended to help re-hydrate the victim.