#ChooseADate Juliani, Khaligraph, Octopizzo Beef!!


Rapper Juliani is embroiled in a bitter fight with other Hip Hop acts in the country with the war boiling over to twitter.

The beef comes in the wake of news Octopizzo and Khaligraph making up during a recent album launch for another Hip Hop act, Smallz Lethal.

Juliani was the notable absence during the launch with top industry acts including Octopizzo, Khaligraph and Kaka Sungura all in attendance.

Juliani seems unimpressed with the latest development in the hip hop circle and this is now boiling over to another interesting fight.

On his social media page, Juliani who is best known for his conscious music called out the rappers saying,

” This is a message to the hiphop brothers, Octopizzo, Rabbit and Khaligraph, endeni mfanye chama mchange malyrics, mawords na mafans ndio mcome. Choose a date.”

Octo replied;

Displaying IMG-20151110-WA0020.jpg

Ouch! Octopizzo later went to ask Juliani to stop behaving like a socialite. Rabbit then posted a pic of Juliani holding a placard;

It just seems to get better!

Check out some more of the tweets.

#KOT have given their opinions on this beef;

Who do you think is king? Juliani, Khaligraph or Octopizzo?? Tell us below.