Olagundoye James Malcolm aka Chopstixx is a Nigerian music producer who was raised up in Jos.He went to the St Murumba College where Psquare and Ice Prince schooled. Right from high school, he knew he would be a music producer and worked towards it to achieve success. He is currently ranked as one of the top producers in Nigeria and Africa. I spoke to him this week to know what makes him one of the most sought after producers on the continent:

How does it feel to be recognized as one of the top producers in Africa?

It feels very fulfilling that hard work and talent is being recognized. I feel like it wants me to do more.

Does your family support what you are doing? Are you siblings also in the music industry?

I’m blessed to have them as they have seen the ways in which I make income are legit. My mother has been supportive from day one as my dad past away.Im the only one amongst my siblings who is into music. My mother and sister bought me my first computer at the age of 12/13.

What are your expectations for Coke Studio?

To have a wide enough reach, learn more from new artists, create something beautiful from the sound and music.

Are there any other projects you are working on?

Yes I have an album coming out in November called Parallax which means point of view on something depending on where you’re viewing it from.Ive done collaborations with a with artists from all over Africa.

Which other artists have you worked with apart from Victoria Kimani, Naeto C, Mocheddah, Ice Prince and Psquare?

Phyno, Burna Boy, Sarkodie, Cynthia Morgan and just recently Navy Kenzo.

How do you cope with difficult artists?

Every artist needs to be level headed. I just end the session. Most of them are not that difficult, so I’m lucky.

You seem to have a fetish for food. Have you tried any Kenyan meals yet?

Yes I’ve tried Ugali almost everyday since I got here.Since I travel a lot I try different African dishes. I’ll be trying out Nyama Choma on Sunday.

Are you involved in any charity work?

Yes I do. It’s called ‘Chop The Beat’ where I do free instrumentals online and pick artists to sing over. It’s to help the street kids to enter the music industry by signing them to record labels.

What is Chopstixx favorite genre of music and favorite music group?

Electro and Dancehall. I like Daft Punk because of the fusion and blend of their music. They use irregular sounds to get the best sound.

Who is the one artist you would like to work with be it local or international and why?

Chris Brown because I think he is an amazing and creative person. I love his music. I would have also liked to work with Papa Wemba before he passed away as it would have been a great honour.

Are you optimistic in the future of music in Africa?

Yes I am as entertainment in Africa has a vastness. Let’s not look at the future but the present time.

What inspires your fashion sense?

As an artist I studied fine art in school. So I dress how I feel and also dress to look good.

What quote/motto do you live by?

Discover yourself before you present yourself.

Any last words?

Keep working hard and smart, have an open ear and open heart to hear. Try to collaborate with your other self. Focus on the work fame will come later.