Chris Brown Attacks Kehlani In Twitter Rant


Not even a 20-year-old recovering from a post suicide attempt seems to be safe from the Twitter wrath of embattled singer Chris Brown.

The hot-tempered R&B singer unleashed an erratic social media stream late Tuesday night, in which he appeared to attack singer Kehlani Parrish hours after she revealed she was recovering in a hospital after trying to end her life. Chris wrote;

“There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing s— for sympathy so them comments under your pics don’t look so bad,”

Brown and his viral punches stood in stark contrast from Nick Cannon —who rushed to Parrish’s bedside — and other stars who flooded her with an outpour of support after her heart wrenching Instagram post about wanting to “leave this Earth.”

The “Did I” singer wrote about accusations of being unfaithful to NBA star Kyrie Irving during her social media address about her suicide attempt.

While Brown never called her out by name he did write “KYRIEMVP.”

The singer was found unconscious by her friends on Monday.
The singer was found unconscious by her friends on Monday.

The free-swinging artist began his apparent diss by doling out confusing relationship advice. Brown shared his vulgar thoughts on suicide.

Brown shared his vulgar thoughts on suicide.

Brown didn’t try hide from his venomous tirade, adding the hashtag “YeahImThrowingShade.”

In a now deleted post, Parrish claimed she had already broken up with Irving when she got back together with rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR, who appeared to be at her bedside when she awoke in the hospital.


Parrish shared this phopto of an IV in her arm at a hospital after allegedly trying to take her life.

Breezy ended his offensive rant, adding another clear allusion to Parrish and her former romance with Irving.

“OK I’m done. Guess she gonna have to watch the games from a real ‘box’ now. ‘The television’ #OHB ‘Outta here bih,’ he wrote.

Naturally, the internet exploded in anger.

“I can’t believe I use to look up to you,” wrote one user.

“Relationship advice from Chris Brown .. 2016 is wild,”

What do you think? Are you disappointed at Chris Brown for his response?

Courtesy of NY Daily News.