How Chris Brown disappointed Kenyans


Now there have been mixed reactions before and after the American superstar-Chris Brown,  jetted into the country last weekend, for his maiden show in Mombasa. He left tongues wagging when he pulled a fast one on us, firstly by ignoring the selfie-seeking woman at the airport, who allegedly claimed that he smashed her 90,000 ksh I-phone (which we all knew was a scam), to fighting with the organizers over his alleged controversial performance,by refusing to get out of his hotel room and car, due to unsettled bills based according to his contract between them and his management.

He was acting like he didn’t really want to come for the show, and did not even mingle freely with fans, as Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, (popularly known as Mombasa one) stepped in to calm him down and convince him to give a good show to his die-hard fans, who were waiting for him. He also refused to do any interviews with the media,as well as take pictures with anyone. Security was really beefed up around him, and people kept saying he has an attitude and anger problem, in connection to his bi-polar condition. He is mentally-ill and is seriously and emotionally disturbed. He left the venue five minutes after his performance to fly back to America in his private jet at about 4 am.

After doing the first five songs, his microphone had been switched off and so he removed his earpiece and continued to dance, entertaining the eager crowd who had turned up that night. According to one fan, he was lip syncing throughout the whole show, while others said that the 90 million he was paid, did not add up to the amount of money they were paying for tickets to see him perform.They were all disappointed by him.

There was a dark cloud over him,as people just bashed him on social media asking for him to be deported. It seems like drama follows him everywhere he goes, as some people claimed that he is gay hugging security guards and even taking photos with them. This story just gets complicated by the day. Stick to Varcity as we continue to reveal the brutal truth about Chris Brown.