‘They don’t know they don’t know they see me smiling but they don’t know what I feel inside’.

KICC was lit on Saturday evening as people from all walks of life thronged the venue to witness one of the best reggae concerts to date. A good lineup of DJ’s and MC’s led the crowd into a frenzy as they played roots, old and new reggae/dancehall tunes the whole night. This included ZJ Heno, MC Bhayo, Kris Darlin, Selector Technics, Ghetto radio Dj, Mc Bling, Musical Sheriff, Mc Phillipo, Fayah Mummah and Teargas aka Baba Dede.

Fayah Mummah on stage
Fayah Mummah on stage

Fidempa Da Beat Killah did not perform as planned due to unavoidable circumstances.

When the clock struck 12:20am, the Zinc Fence Redemption did an opening song for Chronixx to come onstage. A few minutes later, Chronixx sang a very powerful song about Haile Selassie. As he chanted to the delight of the crowd,he built the crowds momentum by dancing and singing all his popular songs both new and old including, Spirulina, Roots and Chalice, They Don’t Know, Who Knows, Access Granted, Rain Music, Real Warrior, Put Your Lighters Up, Spanish Town, Smile Jamaica,Warrior, Here comes Trouble, amongst others.

chronixx concert

He performed until 2:10am then the DJs continued to play music all the way to the wee hours of the morning.

chronixx concert2

Thanks to Good Times Africa, people really enjoyed themselves as this concert was well organized with very tight security by G4S. MO Sound Entertainment did the lights, sound and stage setup.

H_art The Band

While the ticketing was done by Mookh. Special guests included Brian Owango, Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas, H_art the Band, Buddha Blaze and Anne MccCreathe’s only daughter.

chronixx concert3

Photography by Behance