The alleged Moi Girls High School rape case just got more complicated after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations released the preliminary report and it showed that all the 107 DNA samples taken from the male stuff turned negative.

This has now given space for fresh claims of lesbianism in the Kibera located girl school. The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers is also said to have carried its own investigation and got no evidence of a male being involved in the saga.

“DNA results on all the 107 samples that were picked for tests and analysis after the Moi Girls defilement saga turned negative, preliminary findings are unable to point a finger to any of those tested”, read the report from the DCI.

Over three medical examinations were conducted on the alleged victim and they all turned negative except the fourth one by a gynecologists which indicated a possible penetration but now tables have turned and it is said that if anything of the sort happened, it has to be by another girl she was sleeping. Sharing a bed in the school is a crime by the way and the second girl who is said to have come from a different dormitory wrote a report.

Moi Girl’s made it to the news on the 2nd of June this year after allegations of a rapist having successfully managed to break into the school and raped a student blew up. The incident saw the school’s principle and matrons sacked.

The authorities are now being put under pressure to reinstate all those who lost their jobs over the saga.