Public transport users have from time and again had to deal with random city pastors that frequently hop onto public transport vehicles, preach for short periods of time and then proceed to ask for offerings.

While in most cases they say any amount of offering is acceptable, judging from a recent cell phone video that has now gone viral, it is very clear that not all amounts are actually acceptable. The video shows an unidentified pastor standing in a certain matatu ranting and lecturing passengers reason being because someone he couldn’t identify had given him a Ksh1 offering.

The visibly angry pastor didn’t hesitate to remind the calmly seated passengers that he was no beggar and he would never be. He was so angry that he went on to state that he oughts to be respected because he can lead a mass given that one of the passengers had passed on and their families would respect him and only to proceed bury them after he was done with the mass.

Question is what if whoever gave the offering genuinely had only but that Ksh1 to give? Such behavior really does raise questions on whether these pastors that have been increasing day by day are actually genuine or it is just another business opportunity that anybody can join and try to make some money that it seems like if you manage to push through with you can be a millionaire real quick.

Here is the video of the angry pastor;

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