Whether you like it or not, a lot of employers look through your social media pages in order to figure out whether they’ll want to hire you or not. There are some harmless posts you can keep like images of your pets or family but posts filled with curse words and raunchy pictures may harm your chances of getting the job. Here’s what you should do to ensure your social media pages are presentable to potential employers.

Don’t delete your pages entirely

There are jobs that will require you to have online presence and not having social media at your age in this time is very suspicious. Even if you truly did not have social media accounts, set some up because it may help you carry out your work better especially if it’s one where you are required to promote things or interact with people.

Privacy Settings

On facebook, you can control who sees your posts and pictures, you can set it to just friends or family so that random people snooping through your account don’t see your personal posts and also so you don’t seem like the type to overshare. On Instagram and twitter, you can make your account private so that only those you allow to can see what you share on your account.

Delete embarrassing posts

Pictures of you drinking or smoking shisha at some dingy club have to go. Image is very important to a lot of companies and they don’t want people to think they hire employees with strange habits. Anything that you think they wouldn’t want to see, get rid of it including posts where you use bad language or encourage negative behavior.

Use a fake page

Have a separate account for your personal things and you professional things. The personal one should preferably have a different name and no not a name like “Nafula Di Baddest ‘N Di Cutest Gyal” because your family will see it. Post appropriate content on your professional page, things that you wouldn’t mind your employer and colleagues seeing.

Google yourself

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If you search for yourself and the first picture is one of you topless or with your breasts hanging out the top of your dress you may want to watch what you post in the future. Try and get rid of such posts as they’ll leave your potential employer with a very negative impression of you. Imagine if you meet a potential client and you google them and see some undesirable posts and images by them that make you rethink doing business with them in the first place; you wouldn’t want that so let that not be you.

Put Yourself in their Shoes

Go through your latest posts and think as if you were them, as if you were the one considering whether you want to hire you or not. Delete anything that you think would make them say no to you, even posts you’re 50/50 about. Don’t let a silly post destroy your chances at employment.

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Start curating posts

After cleaning up your social media accounts, continue being mindful of what you post online. After getting the job, they’re likely to start following you or continue to keep track of what you post as an employee so don’t give them a reason to fire you. You don’t need to post every single picture you take on Instagram, choose the right ones. You don’t need to tweet about all your experiences or respond to all your ‘haters’ online.

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