000Living as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in many campuses is the new campus order.The male and female students have married the vice of  ‘unholy matrimony’ , this act is crowned as the new candidate in most of the universities in our country, its a come we stay contract.  Its one of the cheapest coalition of two who claim to love each other since no bride price is required nor parents approval.Many have opted for this cohabitation habit as it is a means of cutting down on coasts  as the two  cost share. The little pocket money they get from parents takes them an extra mile if its shared between two people at different intervals.

Some students attribute the cohabitation to campus social life. this lifestyle has its own negative consequences as  a lot goes on behind closed doors and sooner or later its painted out for the world to see. Every relationship has its own huddles and you never know when the same two people will move in with another version of  you since the habit its self is not healthy. Its like a polygamy story because tomorrow it might not be you with your man or woman, it might be her with a another man or him with another woman. the things transferred to each other in such a scenario can be turned into a whole series.