By Waridi Ajambo

We belong to whatever we are committed to, I am obliged to think that in this phase that we are in we have fully recognized the essence of commitment .there are a limited number of things we are dedicated to and whatever we find worth our time only tickles our fancy for a short period of time.

Most of us are still stuck in that ‘Yolo’ phase , my sentiments are not inclined to that phrase but there has to be a mad man in each market and I am glad to where the crown. We rarely severity of our choices and our lack of commitment, realization tends to strike when we have already lost the option of getting whatever we had back.

Relationships are treated like games and I think that the only relationships we tend to value are the ones we are born to , there is no mistaking blood is thicker than water but even that is not a guarantee . I think I have finally gotten the memo; these girls are not loyal and those boys are just there to have a good time if you know what I mean. If all our thoughts are directed towards the negativity we see, it is a wonder why relationships in this time last a week and you are ready to throw a party for your longest relationship ever. There is an exception to the rule and even here not everyone fits the description.

School is a community effort, you help me out and I will help you out also. I am not talking about group assignments and group discussions, I am talking about the examinations everyone seems to dread those. You chose to do that course or maybe you did not but when you get there a little effort from you won’t hurt now would it?

Careers these days you can make a career out of anything, but we seem to go for whatever makes the most money. That is why most of the work that is done lacks passion and effort. Commitment requires a little effort and we need a little bit of that commitment to give us the drive to be more than just the norm. Certain things in life are like good credit just because you want them does not mean you will get them.