Comrade Power; Unifying Kenyan Campus Students


As power is to the comrades so is peace to the soul. That is the reason behind Tangaza University coming up with this brilliant idea to urge students from vast community of multiple universities and other concerned stakeholders to participate in a training program dubbed UCSPAK (Universities and Colleges Students’ Peace Association of Kenya).

Sponsored by the Kenyan government, Coffey International and coordinated by other delegates from multiple universities including Catholic University, UNDP, and NCTC among others, the 2 day training program’s major aim is to promote unity and peace among university students.


Like the slogan “Comrades Power” goes, this power should be geared towards unifying students and the community and not causing havoc and divide between them and society and among themselves. The two day event held in March 13 th and 14th at Tangaza University in Karen, attracted a plausible number of students, a positive sign of reforms. Here’s the link to a glimpse of what took place:

It is important to note that this period followed a series of events that saw unruly students’ strikes across major campuses in the country that led to the University of Nairobi being closed for two weeks and Laikipia University being closed indefinitely during the month of April. The training was therefore indeed necessary for preparedness to similar future chaotic events.

Universities coming together to form one common forum gives them an avenue to articulate their views, opinions and share ideas that is crucial for a better co-existence. Such initiatives should continue to be highly promoted by the University administrative boards and together with the government.

Comrades must indeed enjoy in harmony!