Following public outcry, An outdoor advertising company in Nairobi has been forced to pull down a billboard with an explicit message advertising one brand of condoms.

The billboard advertising Kiss condoms, which had been mounted near T-Mall along Langata Road, caused a stir as the public felt it carried an offensive message.


The billboard, mounted by magnate ventures, displayed a man with a well-toned body with the hands of a woman on his chest. The image was coupled with a message that read 

“Ni poa dame akicome first.”

On behalf of the Nairobi County Government, Justus Kathenge, the county’s Planning Chief Officer said that they urged the advertising company to pull down the billboard due to its offensive message. 

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He said;

“We received complaints from the public. Since we regulate billboards when the public perception on messages they carry does not go down well, we advice for their removal,” 

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